Analysis on the Competition Pattern of 3PE Corrosion Protection Steel Pipe Industry in Our Country i


Driven by the steady rebound of China's economy and supply-side reform, the prices of iron ore and steel have risen continuously in recent years. Since the low of this year, the average prices of major contracts in futures such as hot rolled coils, rebar and iron ore have risen by more than 50%.

Recently, steel prices rose concern. The latest market report shows that in the recent week, the domestic spot steel composite index closed at 102.77 points, up 8% in one week. China Steel Association's China steel price index climbed to 76.57 points, up 7.36% from the previous month. Imported iron ore prices also once exceeded 60 dollars per ton mark.

Under the background of China's economy entering a new normal, as the basic industries of the national economy, steel and pipe industries are subject to many challenges and difficulties, which are not subject to any short-term difficulties. Only the steady demand Incoming and endangered areas are seeking opportunities, making every effort to strike a tough battle and protracted war, so as to break the bottleneck and win development. Now on the analysis of the competitive landscape of China's anti-corrosion steel pipe industry in 2016.

To anticorrosive steel pipe, for example, as a benchmark for the development of the industry, 3PE reinforced anti-corrosion steel pipe boom continued weakness. At present, the demand for on-site anti-corrosion pipe slowdown, overcapacity highlights, the price continued to fall, the situation is very grim anti-corrosion steel pipe industry. In 2014, the steel pipe industry was in the downturn in the third year of operation. The low growth rate, low prices and low efficiency were prominent. The corrosion and insulation pipe products did not seem to have been able to improve themselves.

2016-2021 In-depth analysis of the wear-resistant anti-corrosion ceramic composite pipe industry and "13th Five-Year" Development Planning Guidance Report shows that for 2015 the industry is facing the complexity of the situation, to maintain a clear understanding. It is not difficult to see from the anticorrosive steel pipe manufacturer that many anti-corrosion heat preservation plants are cautious about the operation in the first quarter. Downstream industry demand slows down, the market competition will be more intense, engaged in pipe corrosion, steel pipe insulation, anti-corrosion insulation construction project construction enterprises will face new challenges in production and management; the main fluctuations in the price of raw materials to the business uncertainty, Increase business risk; enterprise funds, financing difficulties, financing difficult to fundamentally ease, at the same time, the exchange rate, debt risk may also increase.

"Strengthening the level 3PE corrosion of steel pipe manufacturers priority is to fully understand and adapt to the new normal." Corrosion of steel industry, the new normal means high-demand growth driven by high growth, high-profit era gone; the supply of underground gas Steel pipe, water pipe corrosion, 3PE oil pipeline corrosion slowdown in demand growth, into the roof area; the market oversupply, the market allocation of resources has become increasingly prominent, the prices of products and raw materials are suppressed; enterprises Competition from homogenization to differentiation, poor competitiveness of enterprises and backward production capacity will be eliminated. However, whether the new normalcy is adequate and whether adjustments can be put in place in time will directly determine the future and destiny of the anti-corrosion steel pipe enterprises, especially the anti-corrosion steel pipe factory in Cangzhou and the anti-corrosion steel pipe manufacturer in Yanshan and Mengcun.

In the past year, the precise macro-control and cold wind in the market have actually prompted Hebei anticorrosive steel pipe manufacturers to focus on the market and seek improvements based on their own efforts to improve their ability to overcome difficulties. . In spite of some positive changes in the steel pipe anti-corrosion industry, in general, it is difficult to resolve the contradictions accumulated over the long and extensive development. Combined with external constraints and internal outstanding issues, the steel industry will still face low efficiency in the near future, In a situation of high pressure, we must prepare for fighting hardships and protracted war.

In recent years due to the development of the market needs and engineering continue to improve the product, anti-corrosion steel pipe products also introduced 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe, cold wound with anti-corrosion steel pipe. Anti-corrosion anti-corrosion steel pipe system, basically belonging to the long-term, the general design life of anti-corrosion steel pipe in more than 30 years. Whether petroleum asphalt anticorrosive steel pipe, epoxy coal asphalt preservative, adhesive cold wrap anti-corrosion, or 3PE anti-corrosion, different types of anti-corrosion but each has its own different advantages, although the oil asphalt preservative, tar coal tar preservative, Use is about to be eliminated, but can not be completely abolished in the short term, the future development of the main anti-corrosion type PE. Because of the characteristics and characteristics of anti-corrosion steel pipe, anti-corrosion steel pipe has great advantages in construction and actual needs.

First, the anticorrosion steel pipe construction is convenient, the steps are simplified and convenient, the processing plant and the site can be constructed. Anticorrosion process is relatively simple, without major equipment and venues. For the construction site, while the steel pipe can be made while preserving the construction site.

Second, the longer the life of anti-corrosion pipe, as applicable in the pipe there is a life expectancy, combined with the anti-corrosion of the steel pipe, it greatly enhances the overall service life of the pipe, the applicable life of up to 20-30 years or Is longer, thus saving replacement maintenance and other costs.

Third, economical, relatively cheap construction costs, in the steel pipe product quality and the applicable life of a combination of circumstances, the service life of the investment with the formation of a reasonable ratio, so doing anti-corrosion pipe is economical.

Fourth, the design of anticorrosion steel pipe is based on environmental protection. This kind of design conforms to the requirement of the progress of the times. Afterwards, the requirements of steel pipe conveying fluid for environmental protection are stricter. Products that fail to meet the environmental protection requirements will be phased out.

This shows that after the anti-corrosion steel pipe in the pipeline will occupy an important position. After the construction of pipeline projects will be mainly anti-corrosion steel pipe.

In China, the three-tier PE has taken the lead in the application of oil and gas system. China has completed the Shaanxi-Beijing natural gas pipeline and the reservoir pipeline transportation, the recent national key project of nearly 4,000 km west-east pipeline are used three layers of PE anti-corrosion coating. In Tianjin Municipality, 67 kilometers high-pressure gas pipeline into Shaanxi and Shaanxi, and 30 kilometers high pressure natural gas pipeline from Outer Ring Road. The 122 kilometers pipeline of underground gas storage in Shaanxi-Beijing line is also a three-layer PE. Metal body buried in the ground, in order to extend the service life of the steel pipe and lead-clad aluminum cable, generally set the outer side of the corrosion layer. Various kinds of insulating bitumen, coal tar paint, epoxy asphalt, polyethylene and the like have been used as anticorrosive coating materials for steel pipes. However, aging is inevitable after a period of time due to the use environment. In practical plumbing and piping where the environment is used, it is impossible to ensure that there is no defect, despite the careful construction. If there is a defect in the anticorrosion steel pipe layer, the pipeline is set at the anode potential, and the corrosion current is concentrated to the defect part, which causes punching faster than the naked steel pipe theoretically or practically. The actual judgment of the advantages and disadvantages of underground pipeline coating is based on the determination of pipeline leakage to the earth's total resistance, according to its size to determine, in addition, the determination of the drain is provided with protection of underground pipeline underground potential, the general press Its decay along the pipeline to decide. Reprint